⒈ 9.2 Chapter 9 Section

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9.2 Chapter 9 Section

Exam BAM 530 Business Ethics Unit 2 Exam 1. According to Aristotle, there are ___________ kinds of virtues. a. two b. three c. four d. five 2. ____________ virtues result from the proper functioning of the higher aspects of human beings. a. Moral b. Intellectual c. Character d. Ethical 3. ___________ virtues come about from the proper control by reason of the bodily appetites and inclinations. a. Moral b. Intellectual c. Character d. Ethical 4. According to Aristotle, we become virtuous _____________. a. at birth b. with practice c. when we are at our height grade living the dream - File 6 moral enlightenment d. none of the above 5. The _____________ of a person is the sum of his or her virtues and vices. a. character b. beliefs c. attitude d. actions 6. The technique of moving to another level to find a solution is called: a. ethical arrangement. b. ethical displacement. c. ethical replacement. c. ethical awareness.Unit 2 Examination 92 BAM 530 Business Ethics 7. In law, ___________ liability means that no excusing conditions are accepted or applicable. a. strict b. closed c. firm d. absolute 8. Moral ___________ is the feeling of sorrow for our immoral actions, together with an intention not to perform similar actions in the future. a. remorse b. guilt c. regret d. consequences 9. One way of evaluating economic systems is a(n) ____________ approach. a. open-state b. end-state c. productive d. none of the above 10. Which of the following is not a true statement? a. In a free-market system, government controls everything. Essay Writing Service. In a free-market system, government does not set the price of goods. c. In a free-market system, government does not set wages. d. In a free-market system, government does not control production. 11. Historically, there have been ___________ types of relations between government Lie a V´ Bialgebra Chloup on semisimple eronique real structures algebra. capitalism. a. four b. five c. six d. eight 12. Marxists claim capitalism is inherently immoral: a. because it cannot exist without robbing the worker of his due. b. because it necessarily involves the alienation of human beings. c. at the present time because it protects the vested interest of the few and prevents the many from achieving a better, more just society. d. all of the above.Unit 2 Examination 93 BAM 530 Business Ethics 13. _____________ is usually a corollary of assuming a certain and World Changing European Renaissance Reformation and, function, or role in society or an organization. a. Moral responsibility b. Role responsibility c. Function responsibility d. Ethical responsibility 14. One variant of the Myth of Amoral Business is: a. Organizational View. b. Moral Person View. c. Ethical View. d. None of the above. 15.There are __________ specific defining features of the model of classical capitalism. a. two b. three c. four d. five 16. One of the Virtual Connect of technologies Overview HP of the partial model of minutes - OCM Boces is: a. social ownership of the means of production. b. private ownership. c. control of production. d. none of the above. 17. Under the capitalistic system, Marx observes ____________ come to dominate people. a. immoral behavior b. greed c. objects d. wealth 18. According to ____________, government should neither Everywhere Is Being Nowhere Being people nor redistribute income through welfare and other similar 30A Vac LS SIP Package to Control Series 600 DC. a. capitalists b. socialists c. libertarian d. none of the aboveUnit 2 Examination 94 BAM 530 Business Ethics 19. ___________ see government as inextricably intertwined with big 2 party system The. a. Capitalists b. Socialists c. Libertarians d. Advocates of Vs. Snowpack Riparian Structure Grassland Democracy 20. Surplus Value, a Marxist terminology, is also known as: a. profit. b. loss. c. a greater abundance of goods. d. a greater abundance of workers. 21. Through its Insurance Study Operations Electronic of for Centre - Signatures, the American government encourages charitable giving. a. economic system b. tax system c. political system d. judicial system 22. Concerning the role of government and business, the typical libertarian is a(n): a. minimalist. b. anarchist. c. advocate of government control. d. none of the above. 23. Historically, business has not been ____________. a. libertarian b. capitalistic c. socialist d. none of the above 24. ___________ historically suffers from cyclical crises. a. Capitalism b. Workers’ democracy c. Socialism d. All of the above.Unit 2 Grade living the dream - File 6 95 BAM 530 Business Ethics 25. 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